Oil & Hazardous Noxious Substances Spill Response Forum 2017


Working Safely & Protecting Indonesia’s Natural Environment Effectively & Efficiently



The Government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Transportation, has issued the Ministry’s Regulation 58/2013, which allows oil & gas, port and chemical industry companies, such as Pertamina, Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Contractor, and Pelindo, to cooperate with a credible oil and HNS spill response company, such as OSCT Indonesia, who has obtained permit from the Ministry of Transportation, in an effort to protect the environment from the risks of oil and HNS spill effectively and efficiently.


The Forum also urged the importance of using and supporting domestic services and products nationally and internationally. The Government has issued Presidential Instruction 2/2009 which aims to empower and to accelerate domestic industry’s growth. Moreover, the Ministry of Industry has issued Ministry Regulation 49/M-IND/PER/5/2009 on the Guidelines to Use Domestic Products in Government Goods/Services Procurement, where the procurement of goods and services using funds from the State Budget (APBN) or Local Government Budget (APBD) is required to use domestic products, as long as the type of the goods or services is manufactured or available domestically with a minimum quality of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).



According to Dr. Bayu Satya B.Sc., Chairman of OSCT Indonesia, the Government of Indonesia has shown support for domestic services and products, as stipulated in a number of laws and regulations. However, in some cases, domestic services and products are lacking the attention needed. For example, in oil spill response equipment rental cooperation, foreign products and services are preferred. Meanwhile, oil spill response equipment rental cooperation using Indonesian products and services have been proven effective and efficient in many countries of the world. The Forum aims to obtain ground-breaking solutions in order to solve this obstacle, to ensure that domestic products and services receive the attention and appreciation they deserve in Indonesia.


“We, as a self-reliant nation, must use and support our domestic products and services. This will encourage the domestic industry’s growth and consequently absorb more domestic workforce. Thus, we also support the implementation of the nation’s goal as mandated in the Constitution, namely to ‘achieve an independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous nation’”, he added.


The Forum was opened by the Director General of Chemical Industry, Textile and Miscellaneous (IKTA) of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono, M.PP and has attracted the attention of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Drs. H. M. Jusuf Kalla, who attended and gave his instructions to use and support domestic products and services. He also emphasized the importance of oil and HNS spill prevention and training; as well as extended his appreciation towards OSCT Indonesia’s excellent efforts in oil and HNS spill response.


The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia also stated the importance of adequate preparations, high quality knowledge and skills, as well as good cooperation between all actors in oil & HNS spill response field. This statement was also confirmed by the Head of Operations Support Division of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil & Gas Business (SKK Migas), Nurwahidi, who stated that the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil & Gas Business encourages PSC companies to join membership with an oil spill response company, such as OSCT Indonesia. He emphasized that membership is not prohibited, and is allowed.



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