Regional Marine Pollution Exercise 2017


OSCT Indonesia supported the Regional Marine Pollution Exercise 2017 in Bali, demonstrating the largest oil skimmer in the world showing that Indonesia has prepared and is capable to combat oil spills in Indonesia and can provide assistance in territorial waters.



The Ministry of Transportation hosted the Regional MARPOLEX 2017 in Benoa, Bali on 16-17 May 2017 to simulate the readiness of Indonesia’s oil spill response capability and the ability to provide assistance in territorial waters according to the Sulawesi Sea Oil Spill Combat Network made in 1981 between Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.


OSCT Indonesia supported the regional MARPOLEX 2017 by sending the largest oil skimmer in the world with 500m3/hour recovery capacity, showing that Indonesia has the latest technology to combat oil spills and to provide assistance to other countries. The exercise was also attended by PERTAMINA, SKKMIGAS, OSCT Indonesia, and Marine Disaster Prevention Centre (MDPC) Japan.



During the press conference, the Director of Coast Guard emphasized the importance of upholding regulations, including Presidential Decree 109/2006 and the Ministry of Transportation Law 58/2013, which stated that every company is responsible for the protection and response to oil spills by having adequate response equipment and personnel by having a cooperation agreement with oil spill response centres such as OSCT Indonesia who has the necessary permits from the Government. Japan’s Coast Guard also mentioned during the conference that companies in Japan have agreements with Marine Disaster Prevention Centre (MDPC), a private oil spill response centre appointed by the Japanese Coast Guard. This statement is in-line with SKKMIGAS’s press statement that PSC (Production Sharing Contractor) can rent or be a member of oil spill response centres as long as that centre is accredited by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation.



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