OSCT are able to offer Oil Spill Contingency Planning following IMO and IPIECA standards. An Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) allows a more effective and efficient response to an oil spill incident by using and developing appropriate response strategies with the aim of reducing ecological, economic and amenity damage and subsequent compensation claims. An OSCP also includes risk assessment, the necessary collection of data and is the cornerstone to a logical determination of equipment requirements based on local regulations and international standards.


Oil Spill Trajectory Modelling


Oil Spill Trajectory Modelling is available for our members with real-time data from the local weather agency.

Our Oil Spill Trajectory Modelling includes Surface and Deep Sea Modelling. Surface Modelling provides predictions of the movement of oil on the water surface. Deep Sea Modeling provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil from sub-sea releases. For well blowout response planning, well blowout response decision support, oil spill drill exercises and contingency planning studies.